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Well, in fact these things are very wide. But look at the picture above. It is a typical
situation were quality confirmation is very important. Perhaps not as long as all works as
normal. But if something happens. Then our loggings gives very good certifications.
Things have really been done according to agreements.

Beside the Quality logg that fits into a wide range of daily works, this application gets
Sentry, Alert, Alarm and Status. Even forwarded directly to the staffs cellular in clear text
without any manual delays. So, we mean daily work according to a specification. Then
Quality.itis might be useful.

Quality and

Quality and
What do we mean with 'Quality and Operations' ?
...can't we improve. That's your business. But we can supply you with a powerful tool to
ensure your quality.
Quality.itis keep the track together with status, positions and orders.
All is done around the common and daily way to work without introuding your flexibility or
the freedom of the group out there.
You can start with your regular cellular phone or a
more advanced mobile system
In Operations
Manage resources. Directly from your computer or network. Keep track of status and
movements. All messages are sent out as Short Messages so it is easy to manage the
cellular. Responses are made in the same simple way.
'Quality.itis' keypoints!
Easy to use
Low cost
Wide functionality
Standard product
Includes Personal Sentry
Starts without big hardware invests
Works in several wireless networks