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... a satisfied customer continue to run our products.
At least as long as there are a need for it.

Therefore we had our image of what we intended to
do. Be flexible, deliver a complete line and open it in
several versions.
We think we know...
The idea
For us it's important the customer can start with a very
low investment. See the result. Make a calculation and
compare. Now it is fully possible to compare the same
services in different packages.

The only problem we have found are we get several levels
of customers. A Network Operator and/or an Application
Service Provider is our customer as well as the company
using the functions. So, we have the same business way
to treat all.
Our customers
In all our years in wireless we have made so many
specific, custom designed systems. Made for
customers with very specific needs. The price tag has
been high and a lot of money to upgrade. And there
were no alternatives. Still this will be an alternative for
many users but we know the high interest for standard

Therefore we also plan to increase the functionality of
our existing line and add new ones as well. But it takes
time. We think the line of today meets many needs.
Not all but many... and to a very moderate cost.
Our products