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We are...

...not the biggest
...not the most modern
...not the newest
...not the most fancy
...not the loudest
Why from us?
But we...

...know what we are doing
...are solid
...have been in market for decades
...have products ready to use
...try to see functionality
Yes our products are made from practical needs we have seen during all these years in

We made them ready before we talk about them. And not just one. It is a line.

We made them for all types of users, small, medium, big, bigger and huge. Independent
users, ASP:s and Wireless Network Operators.

We made them as stand alone systems in a PC, as client/server, as Internet systems
and as Applications for Service Providers. We made them for LAN and WAN.

We made them initially for standard cellulars. Then users can upgrade if they see a real
need for it. Our intention is to prove the advantages in simple systems and then inform
how it is possible to make the best use of it for the future

We made them as standard products. Then we are open to discuss certain modules or
new standard functions for specific needs.
Our products
You will understand our business idea and why we are convinced if you read "How it
works" and "Our idea".
More functions...
You see
...are planned. A good product will never be finnsihed. Just a step into the future. But our
users should decide themselves when they like to take the next step. Normally it is
when they can do a positive prognose of it. As a service you don't even think about new
steps. Just have them served.