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End users - How to buy
You can do it either from us or from our distributors. Probably you
need some hardware (e.g. computer) as well but we give you all
information in one package. The software is opened for a certain
amount of users (what you have paid for). If you need it for more
users you pay an upgrade and we upgrade your software.

You have to take care of the daily use yourself. It's easy.
End users - How to use as a service
You make an agreement with an network operator or a service
provider. Since the system runs over the boarders it can even be a
provider in an other area. It is more a qestion of cost calculations.

The daily functionality of the system is up to the provider.
Application Service Providers - How to work with
our applications as services
You buy the software from us for a certain amount of users,
exactly as the end users do. You can also sign an agreement with
us and we send you the software for installation in your
computers. Then you take care of the daily work and we share the
income. Our applications tracks all the usage.
Wireless Network Operators - How to work with
our applications as services
We install the system in your dedicated computers for our
system, and to your accesslines. You pay nothing for the software
instead we do a calculation together with you and charge by use,
by subscribers or a combination. Then we supply the softwares.

We also help you to set up functionality with alarm centrals, if
there are a need for that.

You can either choose one customer segment or all of them.
Distributors - Intrested in representing our line
We beleive in business is local even if it's a small world. Therefore
we are always open to discuss certain markets.

It helps the customers to get support in their own language and for
us to get translations of softwares. We also think we get better
feedback for new needs and the certain needs for each market.

If you like to work with our products, please get in contact with us.
How to get in contact with us
Our E-mail address



Our ordinary mail address:

+46 60 - 57 86 55

+46 60 - 58 38 70

MOBITERM AB - It is Wireless
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