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Well, there are lots of applications. It can either be a machine, a garage door, or an
engine producing signals. Then the signal can either be sent to an other machine or to a
computer for an overwiew. Even to a man in the field in clear text. Our system converts
the messages to data or clear text. So, all machines learns to speak the same terms
even if they are new or old or independent of the types or the network.

Then, it is very easy to transfer different messages to different receivers.

What do we mean with 'Machines and Industry' ?
Machines are wonderful...
...and if they can communicate they are even better. Now they can tell you, in clear text,
if they are working or if they don't, what they do and much more. Even the watchdog so
you are aware if they not like to do anything at all. And you might be told directly to the
cellularin your pocket if you want. We cover them all. Vending machines, garage doors,
automatic production tools or, as on the picture, traffic lights or in vehicles.
In Operations
Manage resources. Directly from your computer or network. Keep track of status and
movements. All messages are sent out as Short Messages with access control.

Machine.itis can even convert binary signals from a standard machine and inform you in
clear text or as a data message over IP-protocol. And still the standard product is very
'Machine.itis' keypoints!
Even positions can be reported
Low cost
Many clever functions
Standard product
Includes machine watchdog
Easy to install
Works in several wireless networks

... like a activation log and monitoring some status activities. Or generate an immediate
More functions...