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Here are people out all day. Mostly alone and working with machines and tools in a
difficult terrain. For just a sub miniature cost they can feel comfortable and safe. Just like
not beeing alone.


What do we mean with 'Farmers and Forrestry' ?
They split the day into several parts and, as well, were they plan to work. During the day
there is just to confirm the target points by the cellular. If something happens, and it's
impossible to hit an alert button, the system makes the alert itself. To an rescue center
or just the neighbour. It is flexible.

This system fits into the daily work for the one man worker or a big company. Beside the
alert system, informative messages is reaching the man in the big organisation. The 'one
man band' is still getting informative messages into his cellular.

Beside the daily functions the quality and status log keep track of accounts and register
of quality.
Out in the wide area...
... our 'farmer.itis' is easy to use. We just see one disadvantage. If you not have any
network coverage... by any wireless network. Then we can't help you, but are you sure
you really not have any coverage?

Within a network we give you:

Beside the personal sentry function we have adepted an immediate alert. The alert
messages can be forwarded to any wireless around you or to a rescue center.

This system is something you really can afford and without nearly any investments.
'Farmer.itis keypoints!'
Easy to use
Low cost
Many functions
Standard product
Includes Personal Sentry
Start without hardware investments
Works with several networks
A typical working scheme
So many functions...
... made for Farmers and Forrestry Workers. The functionality itself are made for daily
work. Easy to connect to other systems.
- Confirmed last minutes working orders.
- Logg the activity status.
- Show the geographical position in graphics. Even a GIS system can be updated.