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Still it is a question of Logistic and how to move things (or persons). Very often Taxi's are
used for distribution. On the other hand we don't know any group of workers that has to
do what Taxi drivers do. They open their cars for complete strangers. They are driving on
roads they often don't know much about. They are very service minded, carry money and
are alone. Beside these they also sit in front of the stranger.

For taxi drivers we give a real improved Sentry and Safety system to complete the
installations installed today in vehicles. Very clever and completely unique. Even hand
held out of the car.
If there are no system today taxi.itis gives many basic functions.

For small taxi companies, we also supply many standard functions for positioning and
'send out orders'. It is also fully possible to add a big management system for orders and
time shedules as well as a detailed map. Then all systems works together.

We know taxi.itis is well worth to use only for the alert and safety functions. Still we know
it is very capable of a many more things. So up in the small Harjavalta or down in Buenos
Aires we give functionalities never seen before in a standard system. Add on that it can
be expanded or used as a Service Application.

Taxi and

Taxi and
What is in common in ' Taxi and Distribution ' ?
The basics...
... are the Sentry function and Alert.

Then we have positioning with built in GeoPos (graphical) system (additional maps is not
neccecary). Working status including logg. Que system for each working status. Clear
messages can be used two way. E-mails can be forwarded out to a specific car. Group
messages can be sent out to selected group/groups or to several of them. Can work with
several networks in the same area.

Yes, there are many functions in ' Taxi.itis' and it can be bought to a fair price or used as
a service (pay only for each time of use).
' Taxi.itis' keypoints!
Easy to use
Low cost
Many functions
Standard product
Includes Personal Sentry
Start without hardware investments
Works with several networks