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What do we mean with 'Fleet Managing' ?
For large and small...
... companies. Supplied as a Application Service, a stand alone system or a Client
Server function. It gives a real flexibility. You make the choice.

Probably it is better to design your own system but if you find that to expensive and
time consuming. Than you start to work with us. Still you can decide, later on, to
design your own system and just use the things you like best in our system.
Independent of if you have bought it or use it as a service application.

Here you even find the advantages with a stright forward computer-computer interface
even a non engineer can follow.

We can't see any more flexible, safe or efficient way to get into a new application for
a business.
More functions
Forward working orders wireless. Logg the working status of the fleet. Make an activity
logg (for follow ups). Show the geographical position as clear text, in graphics (as a map)
or exact (Long-Lat). Even working zones are handled.

We have also added a personal sentry function as well as an immediate alert for
personal, vehicle or the cargo.
'Fleet.itis' keypoints!
Easy to use
Low cost
Many functions
Standard product
Includes Personal Sentry
Cargo check
Start without hardware investments
Works with several networks
Works across boarders (on
international basis)
...we can collect and provide you with a lot of parameters that makes life easier for you
and your fleet. We also supply you a tool for the sentry of the people out there as well
as faster response if something goes wrong or if you have intruders.

So with nearly nothing in investment we can help you sleep better, be more
competitive, higher quality and smile more. Of course you have to pay for it. We like
your money. But why should you pay a lot to get a system when you can make the
payments related to your activities within it. It is simple. Use it and pay. If you not use
it you don't have to pay.

Smaller companies, with just a couple of units, perhaps prefer to use more of our
functions and pay for the software. Bigger ones likes to connect their existing system
and pay for that. But the general functions are always the same and related to specific
accounts. Then, just use our functions if you see it is making money for you.
It is a question of where you have your resources and how to direct them in an efficient
way. Also it is a question of planning.

If you are in this business today we will not tell you how to plan. Today you do it in
your head, by paper and pen or by a computerised system. Probably it is working fine
for you know. If not, we are not the right persons to tell.