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Yes, we all are. And have to. In the city, out on the roads, walking from the bus, fixing the
garage door. Sometimes we are alone even when there are a lot of people around us. At
the railway station, from the car park, at the beach. Often at our free time but for many of
us at our work. A lot of people from machine drivers, to salesmen and social workers.

Therefor we developed ' Sentry.itis '. A system that gives you all different possibilities for
Sentry, Alert and Alarms.
For all types of users.

Safety and

Safety and
Are you sometimes all alone?
A typical working sheme
You have to visit some people at their home and check the social situation. You never
now what to meet.

Before you leave the office you send a short message that you will reach the address
14.45 and be there 30 minutes as maximum.

No one nows you have told the server and you don't have to disturb anyone. It's
something between you and the sentry.itis server

You arrive as planned and tell the server you will be away the 30 minutes.

When your work is finnished you simply cancel your information at the server, and
simply say you will be back in the office within 25 minutes.

Your movements are monitored if you agree to that. If you are delayed the system calls
for help and send out your latest known position. Of course you can trigger the alert
function from you handy but even if you just are delayed the system starts to work. It is
up to you if the system should send the alert to a person or an alarm central.

Sentry.itis can individulally be configured on individual basis. Some people live under
strict security rules. Other is more free.
So is meet the qualified requirements
from police force and security staff to pizza deliveries

It can even be used for working status and positioning if it is configured like that. All is
built in.

Low entrance ticket
Start with the ordinary hand portable cellular phone you already have. Then you can add
hardware if you really need it or it makes your life easier. Try before invest and decide

Sentry.itis is made for large companies but it is fully convenient and economical as well
for an "one man band".
'Sentry.itis' keypoints!
Easy to use
Low cost
Wide functionality
Standard product
Includes Personal Sentry
Starts without big hardware invests
Works in several wireless networks