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We think there could be a small confusion.

1. Either to 'send out' service people (or consultants) to customers or
2. to give the customer ' wireless remote service' at the field.

We mean the first were we can make more general applications. For the second
alternative (remote service) we refer to the remote service product range of Mobiterm AB.
You find a link down at our page for 'Invitations'.


What do we mean with 'Field Service' ?
A typical 'working scheme'
A work order has arrived to the office.

Then the best capacity can be selected. It is done with help from our status and geomap
screens. Even a que is shown for each available status.

The work order is forwarded out to the field unit by a short message in text or data.

The field unit confirms by a status code from the cellular.

Before the field worker walk into the location he informs the system by shorten text when
he will be out again. This gives an computerised personal sentry if something happens
and he not will be out. It gives also a good overview for manual planning when he might be
ready for the next order.

When he is out again he send a short formed text to release the Sentry Guard in the
system as well as changing working status for the planner.

If he not accept any further order he can send a status code that he is available in about 1
hour or ended up for today. Even then the personal sentry is still working.
Improved functionality...
... is easy to say. However, we really have a Wireless System for it. It takes care of:

There are even a function for support were support people just send an E-mail and it will
be recived out at the field service point.
'Field.itis' keypoints!
Easy to use
Low cost
Many functions
Standard product
Includes Personal Sentry
Start without hardware investments
Works with several networkss
Forward out wireless working orders.
Logg the working status.
Show the geographical position as clear text, in graphics (as a map) or exact.
Even working zones are handled.
We have also added a personal sentry function as well as an immediate alert.