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...many years (not only man years) in development of these high level products. Why not
spend some more to just be extremely complete? We made that decision and there we
are today. Not finnished but well tested, very functional, flexibel and completely
developed from our own ideas with assistance of people in different working areas. Ready
for several wireless networks and in versions from very small companies, to the big ones
and even in versions for Applications Service Providers and Wireless Network Operators.
All the versions.
We have spent...
We know...
... all about the good features in our products. That's the reason we offer them in different
packages so it is easy for you to get and use them. Now we hope you see all the different
possibilities and advantages as well and the very complete solutions we offer. Next time
you see a wireless network antenna you should see it as a part of our applications and
that you can use them from right there.
Many of our functions can be in use as services on the public cellular network. Wherever
you are out in dessert or in big cities. Some functions needs some extra hardware and
software even for services and some needs full access to the computer itself.

Our intention has been to make the most attractive parts in the systems available in all
three forms. Then it's up to the user to decide depending on all figures he/she say is

It means you can buy our software and run the system as your own. Upgrade whenever
you like or be satisfied with what you have. We charge a basic price and then for the
amount of available users in the system, like 10, 300 or 24000.

Next alternative is to buy the services from an service provider. You make the agreement
with him about costs. He runs the system and you just think about the functionality.

The last alernative is as a network service. An integrated part of the network you use for
your handphones. When you have used the services you get the charge on the phone

For the two later alternatives there are parts of the product you might need a computer
screen for (like positioning). Then you get a client software in your PC and that software
communicate with a server somewere. It looks like you have your own system but you
are a part of the application. Still with full integrity and with your own data secured.

In fact we have a fourth alternative. If you like to do a test with our products you can be
connected to our own computer central. You use it as normal and are charged from us.
This is mostly if the functions you want not are available in your area or by your network
Either buy or as a service